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Design The Everything:

Brand Package

Project Proposal

Create a logo, invoice, website, and style guide for Design The Everything, a design and prototyping freelance organization made up of AJ Huff and myself.


I used my Senior Design class as an excuse to take the time to make a brand package for my side project “Design The Everything.”



There was no previous logo and minimal branding to base my work off of. To begin I looked at other makers and similar prototyping businesses and found most of their branding lacking.

I started by figuring what I wanted to convey with the logo. The attitudes I wanted to convey with the logo were: maker, innovative, iterative, curious, intelligent, efficient, inquisitive, clear, tangible, and substantial.

The wordmark I created is displayed to the left. I made 3 more versions that are used in various other places (e.g. the website, stickers, etc.)



User Flow

Creating a services based webpage was new for me so I had to figure out how to construct the site so the userflow made sense. For example, the homepage first has our name and tagline, then explains what we do. After that we explain our services. Then because DTE is not a business model most people will be familiar with we explain who normally work with.

You can check out the whole website here.

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I was able to work with my partner to create the client experience on all our pages. I went through step-by-step and figured out what our clients would need to know before working with us, which is what went into our “What To Expect” and How Do we Make Things?” pages.


We used almost entirely original photography, which is something I love doing. I think it’s far better to be able to use your own pictures. You end up with a better product when you know what you want and can customize each image to it’s purpose. It also avoids having to look for good images that are free to use.

Style Guide


This was my first style guide and I wanted to keep it clean, simple, and easy to read. I wrote the brand goal, figured out the brand attitudes, made the logo, it’s variants, it’s clearspace, decided the DTE font, and our colors. This is the basic brand info that we needed in the style guide.