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Product Design

Spire Kickstarter

An engineering friend of mine and I designed a 3D printed metal pen. Ever since I heard about Kickstarter I wanted to run one myself. My goal was to design a product and to become familiar with all the different aspects of what it took to run a Kickstarter campaign.


Jan 29, 2018
Design The Everything
Indianapolis, IN


Product Design
Graphic Design
Web Design

From the beginning we wanted to make a 3D printed metal pen that you could not make with traditional manufacturing processes. We iterated on the pen until it looked amazing and felt great to write with. We took inspiration from spiraling Baroque architecture and incorporated it into the body of the pen. How it wrote was very important to us. Users weren’t going to want to grip the holes and so we found a way to taper them down to where you gripped while simultaneously making it pleasing to look at.

You can find Spire here if you want to check it out.

Writing the Kickstarter campaign was its own challenge because this was my first real world marketing experience. Our goal was to convey our more fun and light take on a design studio. We enjoy openly communicating about our design process, showing our failures and prototypes on social media, and most of all making the best. Our goal is to make stuff people will want to use every day.

Spire was successfully funded a couple of weeks in to the campaign. We couldn’t be more happy with how Spire turned out. I learned a lot about product design, copy writing, marketing, graphic design, and web design. You can find my friend AJ’s LinkedIn here.

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