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I created a poster of one of my favorite artists: tobyMac. I took inspiration for the color theme from his album “Eye On It.”

I made this poster entirely with type. I had fun using the letters in Toby Mac’s name to outline his form. He used to be in a band called “DC Talk” before they broke up amicably. I used those letters for the form of his hat. I think it’s still important to him, he still sings songs from DC Talk, and sometimes gets back together with his bandmates for songs on his new albums, so I paid tribute to it there. I then used the name of his current band “Diverse City,” to make up his head as a metaphor.

You can see my how I made this piece if you use the image slider. The first image is the finished piece. After it goes to the beginning of my process where I had composited together some images of Toby Mac in photoshop for a reference. I originally imaginedĀ this asĀ a 24x36 in. vertical poster so I didn’t mind making the type small. However in the end I decided to cut off much of my work and make it horizontal or 36x24 in.

This piece was made for a class to show off my typography and layout skills.