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designIQ Makes ads for over 110 newspapers all over the Midwest and East Coast, including the Indianapolis Star and USA Today.

At my current job I create newspaper and magazine ads for various clients, mainly in Mississippi and Florida.


Graphic Designer



Above is a collection of my ads, showing some of the main verticals I work in, real estate, automotive, business services, and finance.

Much of the time when I pick up an ad to begin working it’s a correction to an existing ad, but sometimes I refresh or make new ads. Clients often ask for something specific, but sometimes we are given creative freedom. I generally believe those ads are the most effective.


When I started at designIQ my ad designs were boring and straightforward, but as I have grown and have been there longer I have found ways to be more creative even within what the client is asking for. I have better text hierarchy, better layouts, and add more images instead of only using text. I drastically improved my InDesign skills while working at designIQ because we use it every day. I love working in a team of about 12+. We create our ads on our own, but would often lean over and ask for feedback, which helps us all improve our layout, typography, and design skills.


I learned to never stop asking questions, especially related to clients and what they wanted. We always wanted to nail our designs on the first attempt and often clients were unclear about what they wanted or just had unclear phrasing, but team members who had been around longer tended to have a better understanding of the clients and their writing style, so I make it a habit to ask if I don’t understand something completely.

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